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CHALLENGE: Develop parent-friendly, scalable approaches to communicating data about public schools that drive insight and engagement—and meet the requirements of a recent federal law.
PROBLEM: The Every Student Succeeds Act—a landmark federal education law passed in 2015— requires states to make an estimated 2,107 data points about their public school systems accessible to parents. In response, states are looking to provide this information through digital “report cards.” These websites would give parents an interface for navigating important data about schools in their state, including per-student spending, test results, and more. Developing these will be a challenge: government tends to lack digital services expertise that would help ensure their solutions align with best practices around data visualization and human-centered design. The requirements of federal law and those around student privacy complicate the task, increasing the risk that parents end up with clunky tools that confuse rather than illuminate. 
The Every Student Succeeds Act has catalyzed nation-wide interest in new approaches to making data about schools transparent and accessible. A state-led wave of report card solutions is coming, one that will transform how families across the country learn about the schools in their neighborhood, and this is your opportunity to help shape a movement.

State Financial Dashboards

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Welcome to the Opportunity Project School Financial Dashboard! This dashboard is designed to provide you with easy-to-use, visual data regarding your school district or public school academy. 
Schools are a critical component of our infrastructure and it is important for citizens, businesses and officials to have access to information about their fiscal health.
The Opportunity Project  Financial Dashboard is provided by the Census Bureau and Department of Education using data collected NCES, NAEP, and Civil Rights Commission

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